Snail farming is relatively new in Nigeria and other Anglophone West African countries. It is not new in Francophone countries because, France, the countries' former colonial master has established culture and tradition in commercial snail farming.

Britain, our former colonial master doesn't have the culture and tradition, hence did not bequeath any legacy to Nigeria and other Anglophone countries.

This probably explains the lack of culture and tradition in commercial snail farming in these countries.

Up till now Britain still imports snails from the United States of America.

Commercial snail farming

In Nigeria, snail farming is still being taught in classrooms, air conditioned offices, on pages of newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations.

This type of awareness creation and enlightenment is inadequate to make the nation realize its potential in this vital agricultural sector.

This is so because persons who have acquired such trainings are not able to put to use what they learn due to lack of practical knowledge. Most people come to our farm having attended 4-5 of such trainings complaining that they are not able to practice what they learnt.